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Hello, my name is Haven. I was born Russia, but I moved to Denver, Colorado until fourth grade when we moved to Texas. I have made many friends while living here in Austin, Texas. Next, I spent two years at the Serene Hills school before transitioning to Saint Andrews where I have made a lot of friends. As you know this year I’m taking a break to go around the world, but I wouldn’t say a break, my parents are homeschooling me. At school I really enjoyed learning about roman gods.
Some of the things I really enjoy are swimming, drawing, listening to music, and hanging with my friends. My goals when I get back are to swim way more, tryout gymnastics, and help out at Austin Pets Alive. I lived with two brothers until one moved out to go live in California. My other brother is on the trip with us only for the summer though. This year he is going to college at Baylor.
I’m very excited to be on this trip to learn new things about culture in different countries. One reason I wrote this blog was to stay in touch in touch with my friends while I’m on my adventure. Also, I wrote this blog for other people to see what the world is like so, maybe one day they could visit that place and know what to do there.IMG_4723


Travel around the world for a year — a wonderful, crazy plan! The whole idea was something Rocco and I discussed as a compromise because Rocco wanted to sail in the Caribbean for 8 months and I knew Haven and I would be miserable after about a month on a boat. Once we agreed and decided now was the time to do it, I had to get to work. We’ve always loved traveling but had never done anything as extensive as a trip around the world. I’m the planner of the family.  I was the one researching, scheduling, shopping, packing and planning everything we would need for this trip. Wow! It was a lot to think about, but it all came together and we’re off on our adventure. I’m sure to miss my family and friends back home, but I’m looking forward to all the new experiences and people we will meet along the way.

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