June 2018 – Home Again

Sorry for these last few very late posts to our website. It is amazing how easy it is to get caught up in the daily grind. We were all so excited to be home and seeing our friends & family again that I never posted these write-ups until now.

We returned to the United States on June 9, 2018 after being gone for a year of wonderful experiences! We had a great time and can’t believe all the things we were able to see and do. Haven was a real trooper the whole trip – keeping up with her school work and always looking for the next adventure.  The experience was definitely eye opening and life altering. We so fortunate to be able to take a trip like this and we are grateful for it everyday.

Since being home everyone asks, “What was your favorite place?” and honestly there were too many favorite places to pick any one. Some of the tops on our list would be Ireland, Thailand, Japan, Chile and New Zealand. Even with everything we saw there are still more places to visit on our wish lists. More trips to come!

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