More Spanish Lessons – Quito

Quito, Ecuador – April 23rd to May 7th

Quito is the capital of Ecuador and one of the highest capitals in the world. The town is shaped like a hammock strung between the mountains. It has an old historic town center with cobble streets, a monastery, and churches. There are also several nice parks. Our AirBNB was only a couple of blocks from our Spanish school and the neighborhood of La Mariscal, with lots of resturants and bars in the Plaza Foch. We did one more week of Spanish classes, 2 hours per day. At last, we were getting the basic travel vocabulary & numbers down!

We did a couple of side trips including visiting the Cotopaxi National Park. The volcano is the 2nd highest active volcano in the world. The weather didn’t really cooperate with us – it was okay at the lower elevations but up on the volcano it was windy and cold, blowing rain sideways! We went back down hiked around the Limpiopungo Lake, which was just beautiful. We saw a herd of wild Andean Horses through the mist. We stayed overnight in the town of Latacunga and went to a local market the next day. Of course the weather was beautiful that day with a clear view of Cotopaxi!

At the end of our stay in Ecuador, Rocco & Heather decided they needed to head back to the states one last time. So we split apart again with Ed, the girls and I heading down to Lima, Peru.

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